Stanford Students Are Very Happy

Some factoids about Stanford from a national survey.

Stanford students are the 12th happiest students in America.

How interesting. A few thoughts:

1) We beat Cal by 7 points. 🙂
2) I wonder what measure they used to determine happiness? Is it related to the fact that we’re the 19th most gay school in America?

According to this survey, we’re also one of the most Democratic schools in America.

We also have the 13th nicest dorms in America, the 15th most beautiful campus, and the 15th best relationship with our host community (which makes me think the surveyists were smoking crack, because the town/gown relations here seem a might strained to me…).

I would never have found this survey had not Andrew Careaga lamented his school’s despair and Mean Dean pontificated on his professorial possibilities. Thanks!

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