Another Example of America’s Universities Gone Insane

Schools go nuts trying to convince freshmen that their morals are stupid.

In BMOC: Big Mandate On Campus, World Magazine covers the amazing indoctrination that some schools put incoming freshmen through. I would have written the article differently, but it’s got a lot of good data.

They don’t mention Stanford, but I’m curious to see what sort of experience the incoming freshmen have in the next few weeks.

Here’s an excerpt: Others say outright that such presentations are designed to shake the soil from new students’ small-town roots, dismantle traditional values they might have brought from home… “I really want [freshmen] to understand that they are no longer at home, they’re not in high school anymore, and a lot of the values and morals they may have had from those experiences may change here over the next four years,” said diversity issues coordinator Marcus Newsom of Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

Thanks to blogs4God for bringing this link to my attention.

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  1. Glen:

    I can tell you of my experience at the University of Michigan. We were forced to attend a diversity workshop during freshman orientation. The leaders preached a form of racial separationism. Among other things, I was literally told, for example, that black communities should be represented in Congress by black individuals because it was impossible for someone who wasn’t black to represent such a community. When, as a “naive” seventeen year-old, I told them that I didn’t believe that was inherently true and that view placed race above all other things (e.g., shared experiences, religious beliefs, political viewpoints, etc.), I was given that look those of us who aren’t perfectly p.c. know only too well.

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