Stanford Is The Fourth-Coolest University In America

Hey–how come we’re only fourth?

According to Seventeen magazine, Stanford is the fourth-coolest campus in America. What I want to know is–how in the world did we fail to attain the number one spot?

In any event, the Stanford Daily has a somewhat tounge-in-cheek (yet appreciative) response.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original article online. Here’s the Stanford Daily’s summary:

Stanford revels in its rep as the best of the West, and even more important what other school can boast its own campus mall! the article said. Stress relief is big on this campus of notorious overachievers: Students are aggressively casual, the most popular for-credit sport is windsurfing, and almost 20 percent of those who go on to graduate drop out for a semester or two along the way (part of a formal policy called stop-out).

The magazine described the campus as looking like an upscale taquera, and praised the warm weather, the suburban setting that feels secure and the proximity to San Francisco.

The magazine also included a picture of bikini-clad bikers, noting owning a bike is practically required.

The University was even noted for the quality of boys on campus. As for boys ever see the hunks snapped in the tabloids with Chelsea Clinton before she graduated from here? Hope she left some for the rest of us. Boy-girl ratio: 48:52.

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