From Christmas Colors to Christmas Spirit

Stanford looks like Christmas, but what’s beneath the wrapping?

stanford_100.gif Christmas is upon us. This year, I’ve been struck by the Christmas colors that Stanford flaunts on its logos. I suppose that makes Stanford sort of Christmassy.

But in a more important sense, Stanfords not Christmassy at all. Christ isnt at the center, and celebrating Christmas without Christ is like being married without a spouse. Something essential is missing.

God has called us here to help a school with Christmas colors develop true Christmas spirit. Christmas is about Jesus being bornnot just born in a manger 2,000 years ago, but being born in each of our hearts. Until every heart becomes a manger, well be proclaiming the Christmas story to the students at Stanford, whether its December or July.

So if you’re ever on campus and you hear some fool yelling “Merry Christmas” at a wildly inappropriate time of year, be sure to tell me hi.

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