Intelligence vs Integrity

Andrew found an interesting article called Too Smart To Be Dumb.

Here’s an excerpt:

Reading [the relevance of intelligence] in a book review the other day reminded me (for reasons you’ll soon understand) of a car accident my wife and daughter were lucky to walk away from three years ago. A 16-year-old driving a new Lincoln coupe hit them at 70 mph–twice the speed limit–after careening off a hillside. Later that night the kid’s mother told me how shocked she was by the witness reports of his reckless driving. “But he got 1550 on his SAT,” she cried.

“What do you do for a living?” I asked.

It was no surprise to hear that she’s a college professor.

Like millions of intellectual elites and wannabes, this woman presumes an inherent connection between intelligence and goodness, and between intelligence and wisdom, as though there exists some objective domain of ethicality to which Mensa members are automatically admitted.

The article is primarily a political one, but it’s got a recurring theme that I found quite interesting: smart doesn’t imply moral. Read the article.