On the Verge

Paula goes in to the hospital tonight, and baby should appear sometime tomorrow afternoon (around 5pm is what the doctor estimated).


By the way, a few days ago I mentioned that an alumna from our Chi Alpha group at Stanford is a finalist in the Miss Singapore Universe competition. Nathaniel Rice (one of our current students) found a blog that mentions Adeline’s involvement twice (on March 12 in a spiritual sort of context and once on March 21 in a fun friend kind of context).

an excerpt from the Friday March 12 entry: One of the girls, Adeline, left the deepest impression in my heart… [skipped some stuff] i respect her and look up to her.. she got this spark in her eyes when she was sharing her experience.. as if she was living life with such passions~! I told her i was feeling pretty nervous, and she said..“remember i said beauty is a quiet and gentle spirit?” I said “yeah” as her group’s topic was about what beauty means to them(everyone had to intro themselves with name and age, and a few words about their topic in front of the judges). Then she smiled and said to me, “You have that beauty i was talking about — a quiet and gentle spirit.”. I was pretty touched, i smiled and said Thank you and hugged her, and i was close to tears.. it’s just amazing! She wasn’t like most of the other contestants who could be pretty selfish at times, or hypocritical, or bitchy. She is so sincere.. and true.. and so positive.. and she is just a few years older than me and already living life the way she wants! She just touched my heart in a way.. =)

I’d like for Chi Alpha to take credit for Adeline, but she was already pretty mature before we even met her…

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