Email Bankruptcy

Stanford law prof Lawrence Lessig has declared email bankruptcy.

In a script‐driven note sent out last week, Lessig wrote: “Dear person who sent me a yet‐unanswered e‐mail, I apologize, but I am declaring e‐mail bankruptcy.”

He went on to note that he had spent 80 hours the prior week sorting through unanswered e‐mail built up since January 2002, and had determined that “without extraordinary effort” he would simply never be able to respond to these messages.

Evidently he gets an average of 200 non‐spam emails a day. I have to say that makes me feel better about my own email inadequacies. My next three days will be chiefly comprised of a concerted effort to whittle down my inbox. I started this morning at 387 non‐spam, non‐newsletter emails. I end today at 347. It doesn’t look like much progress, but I had two hour long phone conversations and a bunch itty‐bitty ones that kept me from the computer most of today.

My goal for tomorrow is to get my inbox down to 200…

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