Squirrel Day

I have told several of my friends about this great holiday that I grew up with. I am not sure that any of them believed me. So here is the proof.

For years around Ville Platte the opening day of squirrel seasonthe first Saturday in Octoberhas been known as Squirrel Day. Schools close early the day beforesome dont open at allbecause attendance by students and teachers alike is cut in half. Businesses shutter their windows. Everybody heads for camp, they call it, and that can mean a sleeping bag in the back of a pickup truck or a deluxe hunt lodge wired for electricity, with air‐conditioning and big‐screen TVs. Squirrel Day is the Cajun Passover, explains Ville Platte native Tim Fontenot. Theres a mass exodus into the woods.

From Field and Stream

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