2 thoughts on “If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere”

  1. Glen I could not help but notice your source is Shanghai Jiao Tong University of China for your prestigious ranking. Congratulations!

    The Times of London has just reported to the AAP news services worldwide that The University of California, Berkeley is in fact the second best university in the world, behind Harvard.

    I cant help pointing out that Stanford is number 7 in that poll and according to your source, The Times of London, and US News and World Reports Cal is the number 1 public university in the world.

    Go Bears!

    Cal XA and I are praying for you and your campus!

    You will find a short article on this link at http://channels.netscape.com/ns/pf/package.jsp?name=fte/topuniversities/topuniversities

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