The Greek New Testament Online

I just ran across a most remarkable online Bible study tool: the Greek New Testament browser. If you ever want to do some serious study this site will be pretty helpful. I can’t say enough good things about this site’s elegant interface and solid content.

Hat tip to the two excellent blogs who brought it to my attention: the New Testament Gateway and the Bible Software Review.

3 thoughts on “The Greek New Testament Online”

  1. thanks for finding that, glen. i quickly went to john 15:2 to see what this site said about what the NIV translates, aero: “cuts off”. interesting what i found — “lifts up”. i used that in my first sermon last fall.
    the Father “lifts up” the branches that aren’t producing fruit while the ones who are, he prunes to make them more fruitful. that’ll preach, bro !!

  2. Actually “airo” means to take up, carry away or carry. It makes for an interesting set of alternatives.
    Also, in the same verse, is the word “georgos” which comes from a combination of ge=earth and ergon=work to make farmer, or in this case “vine dresser”, a subgroup of farmer. It also gives the Father a title from which comes the name George!

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