This is pretty informative despite the author. He does not seem to be open to the possibility that porn is intrinsically not-so-good. He swiftly moves from this admission, “most of the porn workers (and especially the women) interviewed here were sexually abused, or had run out of money, or were addicts, or had no support network—they were people who had been pushed into a corner” to “the problems porn workers encounter seem like problems lots of workers encounter: abusive working conditions, inadequate (or more often non-existent) pensions, and lack of options.” Really?

Ex Porn Stars Are the 99 Percent

The documentary ‘After Porn Ends’ is more about work than sex.

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    Thanks, on a related note The Boston Celtics failed to reach the Eastern Conference Finals for a chance to defend their NBA Championship, the question is why? Almost everyone points out that Kevin Garnett was out due to injury and every Celtics fan out there will tell you no way they lose that series with Garnett in the lineup. But at the same time, I bet every Magic fan would say they could be a Garnett led team with a Jameer Nelson led team too. I could make arguments for both sides here. Now obviously both of these scenarios are big “what ifs” and we will never know, but one thing we do know is the Celtics window is closing.
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