Is The Lord of The Rings racist? I’ve heard people suggest it before, but this is the first serious discussion I’ve found of it.

Indistinguishable From Magic — (Reposted to be rebloggable!) Any time Tolkien… |

(Reposted to be rebloggable!) Any time Tolkien has south/eastern people as antagonists, it’s because they’ve been coerced by guys like Sauron (nor are non‐white people the only cultures to be…

I’ve done a fair amount of research on this topic. This article nails the main points. Sometimes discussions on this topic remind me of the old observation that the Americans and the British are two people divided by a common language.

Keller and Carson: Greco‐Roman Slavery ≠ Race‐Based Slavery

Many modern readers assume that slavery in the New Testament is equivalent to the race‐based slavery of the African slave trade. While not defending the Greco‐Roman institution of slavery, Tim Kell.…..