Interesting article about the negative consequences of marijuana use by teens by a pro‐pot author. Best line: “I disagree with the recreational use without the awareness that it is medicine and that you are self medicating, and from the standpoint of media glorifying it to teens in music, movies the internet, and television, without them having proper understanding of what it does.”

Staying_On_Topic comments on TIL that US teens smoke more Marijuana than Cigarettes

If you want to be educated on why drugs are illegal read this [The History of the Non‐Medical Use of Drugs in the United States by Charles Whitebread,…

I don’t think I’ve seen this observation anywhere else: “…if it defies good sense to send teenaged girls off into the woods with heterosexual men, it likely defies good sense to send teenaged boys off with homosexual men. This is no aspersion against homosexuals, except insofar as they are men, and we know enough about men to understand that some of them find teenagers sexually attractive, and the older and more mature‐looking these teenagers, the easier it becomes for seemingly decent men to violate them while pretending the act is consensual.”

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Slippery words • Home •. Gays, Boy Scouts, and dogma. February 4th, 2013 Posted in Policy and Politics. The Boy Scouts of America is considering an end to its prohibition against homosexual troop lead…

I am not sure whether Scott Adams would be awesome or horrible to know in real life. Either way, he’d be entertaining.

Dilbert comic strip for 02/08/2013 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

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Many of these are quite good. For example: “Adulthood is the moment at which your expenditure on Christmas presents 
first exceeds the value of  the gifts you can expect to receive.”
- John Kay

The Browser Book of Quotations

You will find it here (pdf). There are numerous good bits, here is one of them: To admire an artist for his own sake, although certainly a compliment, can also be a way of suggesting that he has no p…