Booze, the Bible, and Bad Theology

As I promised in last night’s message Booze, The Bible, & Bad Theology, here are some resources outlining what the Bible says about fermented beverages.

* First, a list of every passage in the Bible that discusses alcohol.
* Daniel Whitfield has a good essay Alcohol and the Bible–well worth reading.
* Daniel Wallace wrote The Bible and Alcohol, an extremely helpful article from a very solid scholar.
* The Christian Counterculture project has an insightful collection of articles in their What Would Jesus Drink? collection.

There is diversity within the Christian camp on this issue, and a simple google search will find arguments from all corners. The ones I listed above are the ones I find most credible.

UPDATE: I just ran across a fascinating article at Christianity Today that gives a solid historical overview — Amassed Media: The Drink Debate.