Stanford Grads In Unexpected Places

As someone raised Episcopalian I tend to feel sorrow whenever I read about the Episcopal church in the news. The global Anglican communion is doing okay, but the American denomination has really jumped the tracks since I was born.

In case you haven’t heard, the Episcopal Church in America just elected its first female primate ever — Katharine Jefferts Schori. That’s not the source of my sorrow — I firmly believe in the ministry of women (as does my denomination).

Here’s where the sorrow comes in: she’s apparently an advocate of ordaining openly gay priests and bishops. So her election was sort of a slap in the face to the worldwide Anglican communion, a significant portion of which seems prepared to write Ichabod over the door of the Episcopalian church.

After the usual sigh that escapes my lips when seeing the Episcopal church in the headlines, one detail leapt out at me: Bishop Schori graduated with a degree in biology from Stanford in 1974. Thanks to purgatorio for putting that information where it caught my eye.

Those darn Stanford alumni–they just keep showing up in the news. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but always making a difference.

Things Which Interested Glen Last Week

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Some Gal Walking Through One Of Our Videos

I’m always amazed at how putting videos online has exposed Chi Alpha to people who would never otherwise darken the door of our gatherings. For example, this gal was walking through the background of an interview I did with Dr. William Lane Craig and noticed herself when later watching the video. She then blogged about it and it got back to me. What a small and crazy construct the internet is…

Anyway, I should mention that she curses in this post. If you prefer not to read profanity then just skip reading the link and trust me that she mentions the video and links to the Chi Alpha @ Stanford website.

Alas, she seems to have been unpersuaded by Dr. Craig’s arguments.