Worship for Believers and Unbelievers

One of my favorite MP3s is Tim Keller’s Preaching to Believers and Unbelievers. I desperately want to preach in such a way that I nourish believers while simultaneously engaging nonbelievers.

I don’t know of any comparable resource that talks about musical worship. Does anyone know of a good MP3, article or book along these lines?

I’m not just looking for something that says, “We should do this.” I’m looking for something that says, “We should do this, and here is how.”

You can leave a comment the hurt locker dvd or send me an email/Facebook message.

3 thoughts on “Worship for Believers and Unbelievers”

  1. Tim Keller wrote the insightful Evangelistic Worship(10 page PDF).

    A favorite quote:

    If the Sunday service and sermon aim primarily at evangelism, it will bore the saints. If they aim primarily at education, they’ll bore and confuse unbelievers. If they aim at praising the God who saves by grace they’ll both instruct insiders and challenge outsiders.

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