My Philosophy of Rain

raincloudsIt is raining right now in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been raining all day.

This is rare, and it understandably confuses Stanford students. They came to Stanford because they thought all of California was San Diego. That and because Stanford is awesome. But the San Diego thing was definitely a tipping factor. Rain is not featured prominently in the Stanford recruiting materials.

In situations like this some people contemplate skipping Bible study (you know who you are).

I thought I should take this opportunity to clarify my position on rain: Bible studies do not get canceled on account of rain. That’s baseball. And picnics. But not Bible studies.

And you should not skip Bible studies because it is raining. Show up wet. That’s why we baptize you. So you’ll learn not to fear water. And if you haven’t been baptized, come to Bible study and kill two birds with one stone.

And as for our weekly meeting… don’t even think about it. We’ll have that one even if Jesus tells me the Rapture is scheduled for 7:35pm on a Wednesday. I figure those who are left behind will have something to talk about in our absence.

So… yeah. That’s what I have to say about that.

beware the H1XA virus

ChanchocheI sent this email out to my students last night and received such positive feedback I thought I’d share it here for my fellow campus ministers to adapt for use on their own campus.

In case you just stumbled upon this through some random internet search, I lead a ministry called Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship which is abbreviated with the Greek letters XA. That should be all you need to know in order to laugh/groan/hurl tomatoes at the below email.

Members of the Stanford Community,

In addition to the H1N1 virus — the so‐called “swine flu” — sweeping
our campus, there is another and more insidious infection to beware.

I speak, of course, of the H1XA virus — the so‐called “divine flu”.

The H1XA virus is extremely contagious. Symptoms include joy,
friendship, and a profound sense of spiritual centeredness. Carriers
can be identified by their cheerful countenance, their moral
lifestyle, and occasionally by their stylish t‐shirts. Should you meet
someone already infected, know that there is no cure (especially if
they already have a t‐shirt). Avoid them lest you yourself be seized
by divine purpose accompanied by rapturous joy and immersion in
meaningful community.

There will be a public meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30pm in
370–370 to discuss this disease in more detail. Please know that
epidemonologists are available to help prevent this disease from
spreading. Bring everyone you know who is not already infected.

Do not despair. It will be tough, but we can pull through this together.

Should conditions on campus become unbearable, we can all flee to the
woods Oct 17–18. Get your escape ticket at


Glen (a concerned member of the campus community)

Hope you find it useful. Or at least amusing. I’ll even settle for memorable. 😉

And if you’re a Stanford student who didn’t receive this little charmer, sign up for our mailing list at!