Does God Mind?

Glen and I try to instill Godly beliefs and values in our children. We have taught Dana and Xander that God is real and that he has an opinion of how we live our lives.

Since the concept of a sleepover was introduced to Dana by a book about two years ago. She has wanted to have one. One of Dana’s best friends for the last 3 years has been a little boy. She has repeatedly asked if they could have a sleepover.

Trying to cut off problems in the teen years. We told her that little boys and girls should not have sleepovers with each other. She then wanted to know why mommy and daddy could sleep together. So we added that if you areĀ  married, then God is ok with you sleeping with a boy. She has excepted that as the way life is.

The other night as the kids and I were driving home Dana posed a thoughtful question.

Dana: I know God is not ok with me having sleepovers with a boy until I am married, Right.

Me: Yes, that is right Dana. Not until you are married.

Dana: Do you think God minds that I share a room with Xander?

Me: No, I do not think God minds. There are different rules if the boy is your brother.

I think she is trying to find a way to have her brother evicted. Unfortunately her limited theology is not helping her at this point.

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