Dana was the Valedictorian of her Preschool Class

Ok not really, but since no one else claimed the spot we just decided that she would have been the valedictorian if the preschool gave out such honors. It’s the shotgun rule of valedictoritude.

This Saturday was the graduation ceremony for Dana’s preschool class. The walked in wearing caps and gowns, while pomp and circumstance played. The class sat on the stage in colored chairs with big balloons tied on to them. The students sang two songs and recited a poem.

Dana was very proud of herself.


Xander could have cared less. He just wanted one of  the balloons.


Dad did his duty by taking pictures. Even though he thinks “Preschool Graduation” is an oxymoron.

Mom did her part by crying. I really should not be allowed at this events. I am an embarrassment to myself and those who know me.

Happy Family

You can view more photos of the graduation by visiting our photo album.

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