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First Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Today was Dana’s first day of Kindergarten.

We have been gearing up for this day for several weeks now. Grandmas shopped for school supplies, backpacks and clothes. I took her to the store to buy the ever important first day of school outfit. (I remember pick out my back to school outfit each year).

Yesterday we went to get the start of school haircut. We made it special by stopping at the coffee shop for Dana to get a cup of hot chocolate. Then off to the grocery store to get the first day of school food. I let Dana pick out her favorites for all of the meals.

Breakfast: Pancakes with blackberries in them and whip cream on top, and juice to drink

Lunch: Sandwiches with fancy toothpicks in them. this meal was all about the toothpicks.

Dinner: Pizza with ice cream

After getting the groceries we laid out the clothes for the first day. We then packed her backpack and went  to bed for a good nights rest.

She woke up excited and ready to go. I woke up excited and somewhat ready to go. Very excited for all of the new and fun experiences she will have.

I was a little sad that life will never be the same again. She will never again have the kind of freedom that she did before starting school. Her life will now be spent and influenced by other people more than Glen and I.

We went to school a little early so that she could play on the play ground and get used to being there. When the bell rank she went to line up by her room. It is the only time she looked concerned. I reassured her that she would be fine and have a great time. The teacher had them hang their backpacks, get their name tags and then go play. Dana followed all the directions except putting on her name tag.

Teacher: Dana can you put your name tag on.

Dana: No thank you, I already know my name.

After this I knew that Dana would be fine at school so I left.

When I picked her up she was very excited. When I asked how the day went she said “Great! No SUPER GREAT! Can I come back tomorrow and everyday after?”

Yes Dana everyday for the next 12 years. I hope she keeps  up the same level of excitement for all 12 years.

They will eat just about anything.

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

For the most part my kids are good eaters. Some times they will surprise me and eat things that I would never have expected. Like the lettuce raps I made for lunch the other day.

The other morning I made oatmeal for breakfast. We normally have oatmeal for breakfast but for some reason on this day it was as if I put mud cakes in front of them. No one wanted to eat it but me. Then I pulled out one of my greatest parenting tricks, Food Coloring. A few drops of food coloring or a few shacks of sprinkles and they will eat that mud cake.

Dana wanted Red and Xander wanted Blue. They at it all and asked for more when they were done. It is amazing what a little color will do.

Why don’t you blog?

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

It have been asked why I don’t make regular blog post any more. It is not because I am lacking material to write about. I have tons of photos to share, so that is not the problem. So why don’t I blog.

*  For the last 6 weeks I have been working full-time. I have been teaching Jr. High kids how to cook. Lots of stories to share from this experience.

* I need a new lap top. Any time I start to do something my computer has taken to shutting its self off. Just up and dies.

* But the number one reason I do not blog on a regular basis is my children. Just in the time that I have written this short post I have had to get up 3 times to parent them. Once to change the sheets because while I was typing a cup of chocolate milk made it to a bed and was split all over.

So to those of you who want to know why I do not blog on a regular basis, here is my defense. I have to go someone is jumping on the bed, I again am called into duty.