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Mom will find out

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Sunday afternoon the kids and I had a relaxing afternoon at home. I sewed most of the afternoon while the kids played together. The thing that kept them occupied the most was a mighty magnet construction set. It consists of little rods with magnets on the ends and metal balls to connect them together.

As I sewed I heard a gagging sound coming from the hallway. I called out is everyone ok. Then I realized what was happening. Xander was trying to have a marble snack. I ran around the corner to find him sitting on the floor looking very casual. I questioned him about what was going on.

Me: Xander are you ok.
Me: Xander did you try to eat the marbles?
Me: Honey, you need to tell Mommy if you ate the marbles.
Me: You are not in trouble but I need to know if you ate the marble.
Silence as he moves to the timeout spot.
Me: You are not in trouble, if you did eat the marble I need to know. It could hurt you and Mommy needs to know how to take care of you.
Xander: I don’t want to talk to talk about it. Go over there.
Me: Xander if you ate the marble Mommy will find out about it. You may choose not to tell me but I will find out.

Fast forward to today. Xander spent the morning at my neighbors house. When I picked him up she gave me the update. They played well, a little trouble sharing toys and Xander went to the bathroom a few times. (He and his friend are potty training so that is info we share).

Later in the afternoon my neighbor came over to share that she had just gone to the bathroom and found that Xander had not flushed the potty. So she did the job for him, unfortunately the pooh would not go away. After a few attempts she being a mom went in to see what the problem was. She then presented me with a ziplock bag with two Mighty Magnet Marbles in it.

Xander came over hoping to find his friend coming over for a playdate but instead he was brought face to face with the truth. Mom was right. She would find out if the marbles had been eaten.

I hope he remembers this lesson as I teenager.

PS. In case you are wondering the neighbor did clean the marbles off before bringing them home. However I do not thing they will be reappearing in the magnet box.