Every Woman and Child For Themself

Fascinating tidbit. Does reading this increase your tendency towards egalitarianism or complementarianism? And how does it make you think about authority and coercion?

More data on survival during maritime disasters

From Mikael Elinder and Oscar Erixson (pdf, final PNAS gated version here): It’s a widespread notion that women and children are saved first in maritime disasters. The systematic evidence of this come…

Faith Helps

When I tell students that there are objective and practical benefits to faith they seem surprised. But that’s the nature of truth — when you make choices based upon reality, those choices tend to work out better. 

What can we all learn from religion — whether we believe or not? — Barking up the wrong tree

Barking up the wrong tree. I want to understand why we do what we do and use the answers to be awesome at life. About. Eric Barker; First visit? Start here. Bakadesuyo.com is proud to be listed on blo…