A Bear In The China Shop

It is difficult to overstate my pessimism about the trajectory of China’s economy.…  I hope I am wrong but I deeply fear another big blow to the global financial system. Google for “Chinese Ghost Cities” to have your socks scared off.

To the point (Austro‐Chinese business cycle theory)

“There is persuasive evidence to conclude that the Chinese economy is actually growing at just 4 or 5 per cent right now based on a composite of other indicators,” says Patrick Chovanec, a business pr…

Race and Party

Very interesting — and contrary to what you normally hear. Be sure to read the pieces linked to in the addendum.

Racism by Political Party

It is undeniably the case that racist Americans are almost entirely in one political coalition and not the other. Chris Hayes, Up w/ Chris Hayes, August 18, 2012. Here is data asking whites the quest…