Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything to the site–I feel as though I’ve barely had time to check my email lately, much less update the site.

In any event, Paula and I are settling in to our new place. Stuff is actually getting hung on the walls and the few boxes that remain dwindle daily.

Things have Stanford have been pretty good–as always some bits are encouraging and some bits are discouraging. Our small groups are the real highlight for me this quarter.

On another encouraging note, I just got an email from Josh Wong (one of our alumni from last year) and it contained this exciting little snippet: Ming Fai has also gone to Myanmar! He said that I encouraged him to go there, so I am glad to hear that. He is now driving the production of a movie-CD about Myanmar to promote awareness and to raise funds for the orphans and missionaries there. I am helping him on that.

That was very neat to hear!

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