Nothing Sketchy About That At All…

Aargh! In just a few hours I’m flying out to Baltimore for a week (I’ll be serving in a friend’s wedding, connecting with some ministry peers, and sightseeing).

Just one little problem… I lost my wedding ring. I sat down to check my email this morning and noticed that my hand felt odd. I glanced down and saw a ring of tanless flesh where the glint of gold ought to be.

All I can imagine is that it came off in the shower or something.

What a time to misplace my wedding ring. The phrase that keeps running through my head is minister travels without wedding ring. Nothing sketchy about that at all…

Rest assured that a frantic search is about to ensue!

Update: found. I was in my bed–I must have been playing with it right before I fell asleep or something. Whew!

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