Kyle Lake Died

Sometime last year I read a helpful little book called “Understanding God’s Will.” I googled up the author, one Kyle Lake (pastor of the church David Crowder attends–University Baptist in Waco), and emailed him a short note thanking him for taking the time to write the book. He wrote back to me and said thanks, which I thought was pretty classy of him.

So I was pretty shocked this morning to read about his death. He was about to baptize someone and he reached to adjust the microphone which then sent a current through his body, killing him in the baptistry.

Wow. He was about my age and he just dropped like that while doing a fairly routine part of his job.

My heart goes out to his family and his church. This has to be an incredibly hard time for them. And that poor woman who was getting baptized–I wonder how she’s processing all this?

One thought on “Kyle Lake Died”

  1. My boss, who runs sound for Second Baptist here in Springfield, told me about it when I came to work today. I looked it up online and learned it was Kyle Lake. I know this name because I to read “Understanding God’s Will” earlier this year. This caused quite a bit of alarm here at OTC media services, because this is the stuff we do. Microphones don’t just electricute people like that. I am a certified AV nerd these days, and that just isn’t right. A functional, normal mic cord will not expose you to electricity, even when wet. There had to be some sort of exposed wiring, tear, or defect that should not have been there. A mic cable is only 48 volts, but ground that in a pool of water and as you can tell, bad things happen. Somebody screwed up, big time. So Glen, if you find yourself in a baptismal and in need of a mic, go with the wireless lapel mic. It’s only a 9 volt battery. Later. JQ

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