I must confess that the truth behind the first myth was a surprise to me, and I consider myself very well informed on these issues. 

5 Myths about Jubilee

Found in Leviticus 25, the biblical practice of Jubilee is becoming ever more prominent in discussions about justice, poverty, and debt relief. Many evangelical authors mention Jubilee as a biblical example of debt forgiveness and redistribution of land. It has also gained popular attention in the news media.

Jubilee has been offered by several sources as a solution to our current economic crisis. At Forbes, Erik Kain asked, “Could a debt jubile…

Some of these numbers are amazing. I’m not surprised at the way the study was reported, though. This is like those studies that tell people coffee is good for them: they so want it to be true that they don’t look at the details.

The Naked Truth about Self‐Esteem?

About a week ago a curious story began to make the media rounds. Apparently porn stars’ lives aren’t nearly the mess they are often presumed to be. Instead, the news cycle declared, they display great…