This is the best summary of the issue I’ve seen yet.

Pastor Disinvited from Giving Inaugural Prayer Because of Sermon on Homosexuality

The message of religious intolerance being delivered by President Obama, his staff, and many of his supporters is unmistakable: If you do not affirm homosexuality then you cannot be fair‐minded. The m…

The second quote is the one to focus on. If you are squeamish, be cautious when ordering calimari. For the record, I don’t think this would affect my willingness to eat artificial calimari.

Fred Armisen hosts This American Life as Ira Glass

This week’s episode of This American Life is about doppelgangers, so they decided to have SNL’s Fred Armisen come on the show and

I think I will file this one under “Common‐sense observation by a judge.” In related news, see

Amid Flu Shot Debate, Court Says Veganism Could Qualify as Religious Belief: Court refuses to dismiss hospital worker’s religious discrimination case after she was fired for refusing a flu shot.

At Christianity Today, we’re constantly tracking important developments in the church and the world. Often we use our network of reporters around the world (and for that, visit our main site). But we …

The economic debacle seems very simple at one level — but it seems that I am regularly learning new facts that illustrate just how complex it all was.

David Henderson reviews the new Alan Blinder book

The review is here, here is one interesting paragraph: Mr. Blinder omits a crucial fact about Lehman, one that, by itself, explains why the huge drop in value of Lehman’s mortgage‐backed securities le…

This reminds me of an observation someone made a few months ago, “The problem we have is that one party is dangerous and the other is stupid.”

Liberals according to conservatives, conservatives according to liberals

A 2006 CBS News surveys asked people who said they were conservative a few questions about liberals and asked people who said they were liberals the same questions about conservatives (people who said…