We Got A Screamin’ Yellow Ford Focus

Wow–this has got to be the brightest car in the world!

Yellow Ford Focus 2001Check out our extraordinarily yellow Ford Focus. We’re conducting an informal survey to decide what to call it. Current contenders are:

1) The Bumblebee
2) The Banana
3) The Taxi
4) The Lemon
5) The Happy Car
6) The Curious George Mobile

Let us know what you think! Either post a comment below this message or just send me an email. Incidentally, if you’re looking to buy a car, I highly recommend checking out CarBuyingTips.com and CarsDirect.com. The advice in that first site saved us tons of money, and the second site helped us find good dealers in the area and gave us a great starting point for our negotiations.

9 thoughts on “We Got A Screamin’ Yellow Ford Focus”

  1. How about “Old Yellar”? But you have to say it like a cross between a pirate with emphysema and a toothless Ozarks hillbilly.

  2. FYI, this is what I’ve gotten so far via email:

    So far I’ve got one for the banana, one for the lemon, two for the Curious George mobile, one for the happy car and several write-ins:

    1) The peace mobile
    2) The thing
    3) Mellow yellow
    4) The yellow fellow
    5) Wolley (yellow spelled backwards)

  3. Hey Guys,
    It’s screaming out to you like it did to me, “I am a banana!” Consider my history and experience with bananas — you have to trust me on this one.

  4. Okay, I’m writing all the way from Canada on this one. Sevo’s got it right. It’s the banana. Anything else and it might have bad karma (a.k.a. “The Lemon”?!).

  5. Alright, GJ and I have thoroughly (sp?) read through the responses and we have decided that the the only choice for the best name would be Curious George Mobile. GJ came to this conclusion because the man in the yellow hat would have wanted it this way. And you know that stuffed monkey in the XA house (Sevo’s little friend…) he could hang in the rear view mirror. So Lacy, my dear friend.…you are wrong on this one.

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