70% Of College Homework Excuses Are Lies

NEWS FLASH: Studens lie to get out of homework.

A recent news item highlights the need for spiritual renewal at America’s colleges and universities. Students lie.

More to the point, Dr. Joseph Ferrari (who teaches psychology at DePaul University in Chicago) has discovered that they lie to avoid the consequences of not doing their assignments on time. 70% of the time an assignment is late, the accompanying excuse is a lie designed to get them off the hook.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the next generation of Enron executives…

2 thoughts on “70% Of College Homework Excuses Are Lies”

  1. i dont agree with this one…I am a college teacher and I dont think that this is
    totally true because most of my students respect me and if they have any excuses i
    believe them…maybe a few might be excuses but it think that about 80 % of the students that come into my class are actually telling the truth. If they need help they ask for it…even if its late..and i
    aprreciate that they are asking for help…so please don’t doubt young kids or adults.
    If you have any problems please email me…my email is above…thanks Nancy.

  2. Perhaps.

    But then again, perhaps you’re not being sufficiently skeptical. Most lying is not outright fabrication, but exaggeration or selective emphasis. “I just wasn’t able to get this done because of x, y, and z” while neglecting to mention the 5 hour Halo tournament they also participated in…

    But who knows–you could have a college full of angels.

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