How To Volunteer

practical things you can do to help us in our ministry

Paula and I have been thinking lately about how people can become involved with our ministry at Stanford beyond praying

and giving. Here’s an ever-evolving list of things you can do to help out:

  • Come and prayerwalk the campus. Not familiar with prayerwalking? Learn more about it!
  • Serve as a mentor for a Stanford student. We’re especially eager to find Stanford alumni willing to develop a purposeful relationship with a student.
  • Act as a host family for a student. Let them come do laundry at your house, feed them home cooked meals every once in a while, and take them shopping once a month or so.
  • Do their homework for them (just kidding).
  • Provide rides to church.
  • Come utilize a ministry gift at our weekly worship service (Wednesday nights at 8pm). We’ve already got a worship leader and a speaker, but tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll see.
  • Volunteer your expertise with creating compelling dual-encoded HTML/AOL/text emails.
  • Volunteer your web expertise and help us make our sites ( and better.
  • Help us fold and stamp our print newsletters once a month. We send out about 500, and our fingers sure get sore!
  • Send Glen useful links, articles, and book recommendations to assist in his sermon preparation.
  • Introduce us to Stanford alumni that you know (especially Christian ones).
  • If you feel called, pursue appointment as a Campus Missionary Aide through Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and work with us part-time on campus.

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, let us know. We’ll interview you and talk to you about expectations (both our expectations of you and your expectations of us).

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