On The Road Again

I’m in Manteca, CA right now. The hotel we checked into last night features free broadband access from each room! I love living in California…

We’re in Manteca because we went to Tahoe yesterday to do an on‐site inspection of a potential conference facility for our district winter retreat. It went well, and I think we’ll wind up having it there. We won’t make a firm decision until we get hard prices, however.

We’re currently bound for Pasadena to visit Brian and Courtney Jacobson, friends and alumni from our ministry back in Missouri. We’ll spend the holiday weekend with them, and we’re quite excited about it!

Also, we’re going to get a chance to visit Crave, Saddleback Church’s college ministry. I’ve been wanting to visit them for a while, and this is my big chance! We’ll actually be there tonight.

Anyway, I’m sure glad that our hotel has net access. At home our connection has been down since last weekend, so I was feeling email deprived.

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