I Almost Laughed Out Loud

So Paula and I were driving through Menlo Park today (the town just north of Stanford) when we saw a house for rent. We decided to call just to check on the price.

$9,500 a month.

It boggles my mind–whoever rents that house will wind up paying $114,000 a year ON RENT!

Back in Lousiana our ministry BOUGHT a house and a six-unit apartment complex for almost $25,000 less.

Somehow, I was able to refrain from laughing out loud on the phone.

4 thoughts on “I Almost Laughed Out Loud”

  1. Well, yes. But after the monthly payment on the Lear jet and our trips to Cancun who has an extra $9,500 lying around?

    I mean $7,500 is one thing, but $9,500? Yeah, right.


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