What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

A fellow Chi Alphan (Lynette, if you must know) asked me to recommend some online explanations of Christianity that she could forward to a friend who is interested.

There are a ton out there, but here are some that I really like:

Power to Change is probably my favorite. It eschews over-the-top flash animation and focuses on the stories of changed lives.

The next three are all variants on a theme–make the gospel look cool through use of snazzy flash and soundtrack. They are actually quite cool. To each their own:
1) Got Life?: a play on the “Got Milk?” campaign.
2) Wuzup God?: a youthy variant of the billboards asking questions. It’s not quite as clear as I would like it to be, but it’s still nice.
3) The Kristo: very cool, but it annoys me that I can’t skip the intro to get to the interactive part nor can I pause it (if something cool comes on tv or I get a phone call then the inability to pause becomes a real drag).

Faith Cards: this is an e‑vangelistic twist on the widespread electronic birthday and holiday cards out there. I almost never open them myself, but some people love them. If that describes your friend (which it almost certainly does if this is a friend who forwards you cute stories), they might appreciate getting one of these.

If you have one that you really like, post it in a comment. If I like it too, I’ll update the post and include it in the main text!