Ministry With a Baby

First: Paula’s in charge of uploading pictures now, so if there’s a delay in new photos be sure to send her an email to keep her on track. 🙂

Second: We’re very fortunate: Dana was born over Spring Break, so I was able to completely devote myself to helping Paula that week. After that, we had guest speakers scheduled for the first two weeks of the Spring Quarter, so I haven’t had to obsess about message preparation. Most people don’t realize this, but preparing sermons takes a LOT of time. I’d say I spend 15–20 hours a week polishing up my message for Chi Alpha, and I should probably spend more. Anyway, the bottom line is that I’ve really been available to help Paula out and still keep on top of all my ministry responsibilities.

We’re very blessed to have Dana–she sleeps a lot and doesn’t cry too much. Somehow I wind up getting the sleep that I need. Woohoo!

On a completely unrelated note, this comic made me laugh out loud. I rarely read Get Fuzzy, but on a lark I swung by their website today. I’m glad I did.

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