The Genius of McDonald’s

I am shocked at the staggering success that is McDonald’s marketing.

Dana doesn’t watch television yet. To my knowledge, she’s never seen a McDonald’s commercial on television.

We’ve been precisely three times.

Once at a drive-through. Dana got some french fries. She loved them.

Last week after church we took her to a play land with the pastor’s kids. She kept yelling, “french fries!” all the way over.

Last week on a rainy day Paula mentioned that perhaps we should take Dana to McDonald’s to play since the ground was moist. Dana bolted from her seat and yelled, “McDonald’s!”

I think they put heroin in the ketchup.

2 thoughts on “The Genius of McDonald’s”

  1. it is amazing what mcD’s does the young of our nation!!!!
    i have to tell you a funny story about jesse wanting to go there. not fit for prime — time.

  2. That’s so funny. I read it to John. I think there’s something going on there too. We’re actually in awe about how Hannah will be speaking like your little Dana anyday now. She babbles all the time and only says a few words, but we know that she’ll start in full sentences anyday. Wow, how fast they grow!

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