Entertainment I Adore

Yesterday I mentioned some of my least-favorite entertainment, today is the opposite-entertainment I adore.

Radio: Dennis Prager is the man. He’s smart, reasonable, and thinks out loud in an interesting way. If your local radio doesn’t carry him then it’s your loss. Honorable mentions: Ira Flatow and Hugh Hewitt.

Television: Mythbusters is clearly the best show in the history of something. I just can’t decide whether it’s the best show in the history of the universe or the best show in the history of television. Honorable mentions: Dog the Bounty Hunter, 24.

Books: Steven Brust is one of the greatest authors of our generation. If you like novels about assassins with sarcastic lizards, that is. Honorable mentions: Terry Pratchett, C. S. Friedman

Music: Rich Mullins rocks the free world. Or rocked the free world. Or whatever. He’s dead but his music continues to inspire me. Honorable mentions: U2, Men Without Hats

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