Science, Faith, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday we were giving away free homemade chocolate-chip cookies on White Plaza, and we got all sorts of wonderful reactions. My favorite was from a master’s student in engineering who grabbed a cookie and then looked at the poster next to the cookie pile.

It was an advertisement for the upcoming Francis Collins talk watch corvette summer online the man who would be king online download

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download barbie of swan lake movie . If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Collins coordinated the Human Genome Project that decoded human DNA. He’s also a follower of Christ.

Anyway, this guy just stared at the poster for about a minute, befuddlement sprawled across his face. He looked at the picture of Collins on the cover of Nature magazine. He read his scientific credentials. And then he read the topic of the lecture again. Then he sort of murmured, “Wait. This can’t be right. This doesn’t make any sense.”

So we explained that yes, Francis Collins really is one of the world’s leading geneticists. And yes, he really does believe in Jesus. And he’s going to be talking about it Stanford.

The student said he’d be there, and I hope he does show up. He seemed quite earnest. There are a lot of students on campus who don’t allow themselves to consider God seriously because they assume that science and faith are by definition opposed to one another. We hope that by showing them a world-class scientist who loves God we can dispel some of that prejudice.

I love this job.

2 thoughts on “Science, Faith, and Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. Francis Collins — That’s great. I enjoyed his book! Glen, you lucky dog… Sorry I missed you in flat town over Christmas

  2. ‘questions…(if you could email me please)

    Do you have any ideas about where a person could go to church in the south valley (San Jose) if they are very complementarian / Calvinistic / not Pentecostal or fluffy and yet want lively and spirited worship?


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