It's Been One Of Those Days

Before starting the workday this morning, I finished online traffic school (you can do that in California) due to a speeding ticket from the end of last year. One of the more profound lessons I learned — and I quote — “do not drive with nails in your tires.” I guess I was speeding because I lacked that knowledge. Good thing I got that cleared up.

After finishing traffic school I headed for the shower. Upon emerging, I discovered that Dana had very nearly broken Xander’s finger by slamming the door on it. His pinky was compressed to about 1/4 of its normal diameter and was a dull gray in color. Even after it returned to its normal size and color, we were still a little worried. Fortunately, he had a scheduled doctor’s appointment and the doctor confirmed that his finger was A‑OK. And then gave him three shots. Poor guy.

On top of all that, Paula was sick.

And I got around to answering a letter from my district asking me to serve on the Parliamentary Committee at District Council. That’s right — the Parliamentary Committee. I am officially that guy. I told them yes. If you’re invited to serve then you’re already that guy

bride wars download ace ventura when nature calls divx whether you own up to it or not. It’s like going bald — you might as well embrace it.

Good stuff happened, too. For instance, I got to talk with a Ph.D. candidate about faith. She came to the Francis Collins lecture and wanted to follow up with some questions. We had a great conversation. I hope I was helpful to her. She seemed quite touched when we prayed at the end of our time together.

But on the whole, it just felt like one of those days.

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