I am not sure whether media or education is more at fault in this, but I believe they inadvertently collaborate to produce this confusion.

Americans Confused About the Number of Protestants, Atheists, Mormons, and Muslims

A new study finds that Americans underestimate the proportion of Protestants in the U.S., while overestimating the proportions of Mormons, Muslims, and atheists/agnostics.A new study finds that Amer…

This is pretty informative despite the author. He does not seem to be open to the possibility that porn is intrinsically not‐so‐good. He swiftly moves from this admission, “most of the porn workers (and especially the women) interviewed here were sexually abused, or had run out of money, or were addicts, or had no support network—they were people who had been pushed into a corner” to “the problems porn workers encounter seem like problems lots of workers encounter: abusive working conditions, inadequate (or more often non‐existent) pensions, and lack of options.” Really?

Ex Porn Stars Are the 99 Percent

The documentary ‘After Porn Ends’ is more about work than sex.

The last bullet point rings so true it ought to have first chair in a symphony. 

Are “frenemies” even worse than enemies? — Barking up the wrong tree

“Friends that we feel ambivalently about raise our blood pressure more — cause more anxiety and stress — than people we actively dislike.” This is from an episode (“Frenemies”) of the consistently e…

Interesting. I totally buy that people use chaplains much more than they use counselors — that very much aligns with my observations. Pastors are perceived to listen because they love you. Counselors are perceived to listen because they are paid to. It makes a difference.

60 Second Summary: The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain

Bloomberg Businessweek on the recent growth of corporate chaplaincy.Bloomberg Businessweek on the recent growth of corporate chaplaincy.

Interesting. I’ve been hearing for years that red wine is healthy for your heart… but I guess that’s like believing that coffee is a wonder drug that makes your brain work better. People want it to be true.

Study: Red Wine Is Healthier When It’s Non‐Alcoholic (Sorry)

Research suggests the alcohol in red wine may actually be impeding the antioxidants’ cardiovascular benefits.