Jerod Quinn, from SMSU

Chi Alpha has rocked the very foundation of my life. 35mm lens on canon digital camera
It provided an outlet for God to take a prideful, backsliding kid who enjoyed
playing church and turn him into someone who is constantly seeking and following
after God. I became a believer in high school, but XA is where I learned
to walk the path of the believer. The course of my life was changed because
an intern from XA decided to talk to a young, purple-haired, freshman while
he was taking a nap outside. This is my third year in college, and my third
year in XA. Last spring break I had the privilege to go on a XA mission
trip, led by Glen Davis, to South Beach Miami. A good word to use when describing
Glen is knowledgeable. When mentioning him to others I often say, If its
a book, Glen has read it. But knowing about God only takes you so far;
knowing God is much more important. Both of these kinds of knowledge are
displayed through Glen. I really saw this during the mission trip. We did
some witnessing on the campus of the University of Miami. While we were
there, Glen did some open air preaching. This was not hell-fire and brimstone
stuff, but the respectable, honest addressing of questions people had about
Christianity and Jesus. Not only does an activity like this take gall, but
also it takes authentic wisdom to do it effectively. Needless to say, Glen
knows his stuff. But as I mentioned earlier, knowledge about God can only
take you so far. Glens knowledge of God is displayed just as much. We did
homeless ministry in South Beach. We did more than just tell these people
about Gods love for them; we actually demonstrated it in a practical way
(James 2:15โ€“17) by feeding them and listening to them. Whenever I have a
question about, generally anything, Glen is almost always the first person
I go to. Glen and Paula are both really great, God-following people. And
I would be saying that even if they werent letting me do my laundry at
their home. ๐Ÿ™‚