Melissa Glazebrook, from SMSU

summer before I started college, I was really struggling spiritually.
A friend told me that I should check out Chi Alpha, so a little grudgingly
I went to the first meeting. I felt the presence of God in that meeting
like I had never before.
I decided to get involved in a small group
Bible study and began to let God change things in me. I was taken through
several different stages of discipleship and learned what it meant to
truly worship. God brought me from a lukewarmness and created a great
passion in me for seeing His message carried across our campus and into
the world. Last year I was able to serve as a small group leader and Paula
was my small group coach. She taught me a lot about leading people–being
real with them, meeting them where they are at, and growing with them.
I am thankful that God put Chi Alpha and all the people that are a part
of our ministry in my life. The lessons I have learned in the past three
years have been invaluable.

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