Nichole Quigley, from SMSU

are in a real struggle for eternal souls, and you are living on the most
fertile mission field in the world; the college campus. I vividly remember
these words from Glens sermon. They often echo in my heart as the homework
piles and the semester drones on. This is just one of the many perspectives
I have learned from Glen and Paula.

I came to SMS as a sophomore, transferring from a school
out of state without knowing a single person. In desperation I tried to
plug into a ministry and found myself drawn to Chi Alpha because the
group was passionate, personal, and genuine
. Later I found the group
was a reflection of the leadership.

Glen and Paula practice what they preach. Their faithfulness
to Jesus Christ and this college ministry has made Chi Alpha successful
in my life, and in the lives of many other students as well. Their passion
is contagious. Maybe even more importantly, Glen and Paula believe in
me, a university student. They saw potential in me that I could not see
in myself and diligently cultivated it. They are so approachable and willing
to sacrifice time to pour their lives into students like me. Their time,
prayers, and encouragement have changed the course of my college career
and ministry.

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