Merry Christmas, Nina!

You know those white elephant gift exchanges–the ones where you bring a gag gift and it goes into a pool and everyone picks out a lame gift at random and then opens it in front of everyone?

Well, they just did that at UNC Chi Alpha, and they caught the funniest gag gift I’ve ever seen on tape. See what Nina got for Christmas! (a 40 second movie in Windows Media Player format)

It’s not obvious on the video, but the gift is indeed a live rat.

My commendations to Brad Novosad for his most excellent discipleship of these students in the ways of merriment.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Nina!”

  1. fortunately for our group, they are accustomed to such “experiments” with fun. for example, at our fall retreat in Nags Head (which is neighbor to Kitty Hawk — home of the “first flight”) the same boys thought they would build a flyer, climb the historic sand dunes and fly into history. i would call the attempt a success but the results a failure. check out the video, Last Flight at (our national director used some pics of this in a sermon illustration at the AG hq’s chapel talking about risk and empowerment).

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL — I loved it!
    Maybe next time go for a whole swarm of them to spill out of the box and onto the floor 😀
    The Krispy Kreme vid was pretty funny/gross too

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