Half Blind In Bangkok

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but my brother is half-blind in Bangkok right now. He’s on a mission trip and got some sort of infection behind his eyeball (yuck).

It sounds like he’s going to be A‑OK, but I’m sure it’s quite disturbing to fall ill in another country. Especially a non-Western one.

On the plus side, he had travel insurance and so everything is paid for. It’s far better for him financially than it would have been in America. And whatever he has isn’t something he got in Thailand–it was developing before he left.

Anyway, he should be coming back this weekend. Until then, I’ll keep thinking about Murray Head’s One Night In Bangkok.

4 thoughts on “Half Blind In Bangkok”

  1. Glen–I’m working for SMSU (MSU now) Chi Alpha running the transition of the Ecumenical Center to “The Hub” and kicking off a “Mudhouse” coffeeshop in the building. Then I’m staying on to oversee fundraising and the capital campaign for the building. I’d like to help with their internship program as well. I’m excited…anyway…what do you think? STEVE

  2. Hi Glen and Paula,

    I am in the middle of writing a paper due at 4pm (it’ is now 1.38pm) and I came across your site. http://www.glenandpaula.com sounds like a wonderful domain name for a site.

    Glad I saw you yesterday. Dana is growing up to be a very adorable, beautiful girl. Hope I get to see you again before I leave the U.S..


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