Scanning a Directory For PHP Errors

My fellow web geeks might find this script, php-check download home on the range movie , useful. It recursively scans a directory checking PHP files for syntax errors.

Just copy it somewhere in your path (like /usr/local/bin) and chmod it to 755.

I wrote the script because I edit PHP using Notepad++, so it’s easy for small typos to enter my scripts. I needed a quick way to scan a directory after uploading revised files.
I wrote it in PHP so that those who need it will also know how to customize it.

?php // php-check version 1.0 // recursively scans a directory for .php files and runs php ‑l on // them (php ‑l checks for PHP syntax errors) // revisions at if (php_sapi_name()!=‘cli’) { die(“This utility can only be run from the command line.\n”); } $counter=0; $errors=false; function scan_dir($dir) { $counter=0; $dh=opendir($dir); while ($file=readdir($dh)) { if ($file==’.’ || $file==’..’) continue; if (is_dir($dir.’/’.$file)) { $counter+=scan_dir($dir.’/’.$file); } else { if (substr($file, strlen($file) — 4) == ‘.php’) { $counter++; $output=shell_exec(“/usr/bin/php ‑l $dir/$file 2>&1”);
if (substr($output,0,2)!=‘No’) { // skips the “No syntax errors in …” message
echo $output;

return $counter;
if ($argc!=2) {
die(“Usage: php-check dirname (usually php-check .)\n”);

if (!is_dir($argv[1])) {
die(“Argument must be a directory. The most common usage is php-check .\n”);


echo “$counter files checked\n”;

This is a quick and dirty script — there are probably some bugs in it. User beware.

If you find it helpful, you might also want to check out scripts like PHP CodeSniffer

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