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If you’re subscribed via email and that’s already working for you then you don’t need to change a thing — all existing email subscriptions should be unaffected. Whenever I make a post on this blog, you’ll still receive an email.

I’ve also added a Substack option since some people have had a hard time with the existing email subscriptions. You can sign up for the Substack using the form below or at

Other Options

If you subscribe via Substack you will receive only the Friday “Things Glen Found Interesting” emails (which is what I assume most people prefer), but if you subscribe via WordPress will receive everything posted to this blog (so, for example, you will also receive the Chi Alpha Summer Reading project emails).

So if you prefer the WordPress subscription, use the form below instead.

And if you use an RSS reader, you can easily follow at (but if you use an RSS reader you probably didn’t need me to tell you that). If you want just the Friday posts via RSS, subscribe to this feed instead:

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