Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Middle-Aged Man In Your Life

Christmas is one week away, and I’ve been told that men my age are hard to shop for. So if you still need to get a gift for the dad/husband/whatever in your life, I offer this list of affordable purchases that have brought me joy.

  • If your guy doesn’t like the Battery Daddy, is he even a middle-aged man? Stores nearly all your batteries in one convenient place. We got ours at Costco and I’ve seen them for sale at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. About $20.
  • KeyCatch magnetic screws for hanging keys beneath light switches. These things are amazing. They replace the existing screw in your wall plate and I 10/10 recommend. At about $15 they’d be a great stocking stuffer.
  • The Bible Is Funny card game is a hoot for a Christian audience. Think Apples to Apples but with Bible verses. I got it recently and have loved it, but I do think it will have limited replay value. There just aren’t enough cards for long-term enjoyment, but plenty enough for playing with the family for the rest of Christmas break. About $20.
  • Gaffer tape is so much better than duct/duck tape for almost everything. It holds tightly but doesn’t leave a tacky residue when you pull it off. If your guy doesn’t know about this wonderful stuff, buy him a roll. About $20.
  • When we’re traveling, the LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine really helps create a restful environment. About $40.
  • I love these Wigfar Bone Conduction Headphones. For about $25 I can legally listen to podcasts while I’m biking: these don’t cover your ears at all but instead pump sound waves directly into your face bones.
    • Side note: I had hoped to use them in the gym as well, but the back band loops out a little too far. There are other companies that make this technology, and perhaps one of them is better-fitting. Dig around. If your guy swims there are variants that work underwater.
  • The scottchen Spray Can Paint Mixer fits into your drill and quickly mixes up a spray can. About $20.
  • The Niimbot label maker prints labels quickly. It’s compact, there are lots of labels you can buy, and it does what I want. About $20.
  • Finally, something Paula and I have been doing for a while is buying Christmas tree ornaments for places we’ve lived or been on vacation. That way decorating the tree becomes a fun celebration of our history together. If none of the other gifts feel like a good fit, maybe buy your guy an ornament from his alma mater or from your favorite family vacation.

I hope at least one of these feels right for the middle-aged man in your life. Merry Christmas!

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