LSU Chi Alpha Student Healed of Asthma

I just heard this wonderful news from LSU Chi Alpha:

“One of the best things God has done for me,” said Zechariah Brewer, a sophomore at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, “is heal me of asthma.”

When Brewer was in the 10th grade, he began using an inhaler because of occasional breathing problems. Within a year, he was put on daily medications. Over the next few years, the dosages were increased.

By the time the business administration major, who accepted Christ when he was 15 years old, entered college he was resigned to the fact that he was going to have to cope with asthma for the rest of his life. But, early in the fall semester he decided to try something he had never considered before.

“I went to a Chi Alpha prayer meeting after work and asked Campus Missionary Nick Callaway to pray for my healing,” said Brewer. “He gathered a few other believers, and they laid hands on me and began to pray.”

The next morning, Brewer went out for a run and to his amazement his lungs were healed. From that point on, he has been walking around breathing more freely than he has in years. All it took was a simple prayer of faith.

“I told God, ‘I know You’ve healed many people, and I want to believe that You’ll heal me,’ ” Brewer said. “That was when my prayer was answered.” (source)