Stanford Undergrads Engage In Research

Yet another example of Stanford students changing the world.

Another note on those amazing students at Stanford: the undergrads are engaging in original, funded research.

How wild is that?

One student featured in the story is doing research on the dowry system in Kerala, India. My cousins, who are of marriageable age, are victims of the system, and if my parents had not come to the States, theres a good chance I would have been also, she said. I was a bit bothered by always reading about Kerala as the model state. I knew it had its good and its bad, like everywhere else … but this dowry system, a very present bad, is one Im interested in learning about more, understanding and contributing to stopping it.

Yet another reason we feel so passionately that Stanford is a strategic mission field. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: today they learn, tomorrow they lead.

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