How God Uses Search Engines

In which God uses a search engine to connect us with a student!

the following is a rough paraphrase of a very cool encounter that occured just hours ago

The scene: I’m sitting at my desk, thinking about what to put on our web site when I receive a phone call:

“Hi–my name is Aileen, I’m a student at Stanford and I live in Oak Creek. I saw your website and had some questions about Chi Alpha. It looks like you believe in being filled with the Holy Spirit. Do you?”

Me: “Wow. [long conversation, skip a lot of stuff] How did you come across our website?”

Aileen: “I did a search for Oak Creek Apartments and your website came up.”

The bottom line: we wound up inviting Aileen (a Singaporean Ph. D. student studying the biology of cancer) over for supper. We had a great time!

God is continuing to arrange divine appointments for us to facilitate ministry among the students at Stanford!

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